Trademark Zircon-Prior offers dental implants, implantologists and maxillofacial surgeons a system of dental implants made of high-tech zirconium alloys.

Zirconium alloys do not contain toxic chemical elements, they have the ability to form a protective oxide film with osteoconductive properties, bioinertness, strength, high resistance to the action of biological media, the oxide film has a high activity towards spontaneous adhesion of biomolecules on its surface. The increase in the osteoconductive properties of the implant surface, due to the use of the zirconium alloy, determines its more pronounced biocompatibility in comparison with titanium implants and brings osteointegration processes to a qualitatively new level.

The use of low-modulus alloys makes it possible to bring the modulus of elasticity of the implant closer to the parameters of human bone.

Zircon-Prior is an implant that, due to its unique properties, minimizes the trauma of bone and soft tissues when forming the implant bed, and the dependence of the final result on inaccuracies during implant installation is minimized.

Primary stabilization of implants is a key factor that ensures success in their integration. Thanks to the innovative shape characteristic and the optimized surface of the macro and micro components of the endosal part, the Zircon-Prior implants at the time of installation and the dynamics of their integration provide a high coefficient of stability. In this case, the individual parts of the system are created as universal as possible for integration with the currently widely used implant systems of other manufacturers.

The Zircon-Prior dental implant system includes implants Zircon-Prior Flat, Fortis-NT, Zircon-Fortis, Fortis-T, which are recommended for use in 1-2-3 types of bone and implants Zircon-Prior Ferox, Fortis-NT + ( plus), Zircon-Fortis + (plus), Fortis-T + (plus) - for using 3-4 types of bone, a set of superstructure and surgical instruments for dental implantation.

Trademark Zircon-Prior offers dentists, implantologists and maxillofacial surgeons a wide range of instruments and devices for implantation, bone grafting, sinus lifting, paradontal and microsurgery, reconstructive operations in the maxillofacial area.

The system of dental implants "Zircon-Prior" was created due to the close cooperation of the leading scientists of Ukraine: metal physicists, biomechanics, biologists, nanotechnologists and doctors.

Thanks to many years of work of a number of universities, the project went beyond the system of dental implants and today one can talk about the concept of "Zircon-Prior". The concept is based on a combination of high technologies, a deep understanding of biological processes and the constant search for new solutions.

The development team sincerely hopes that their work will serve the benefit of your patients.