Zircon implants are made from zirconium oxide, which by its qualities is quite durable. The material used is 100% compatible. Such an implant is often prescribed and installed in patients with painful perceptions of stranger implantation. The zirconium implant has a white color, which is almost similar to the natural teeth. Often these pins are used for the restoration of the front teeth, which are very visible during the open mouth. Titanium pins at a certain angle and illumination can shine through the crown of the tooth, which is not the case with zirconium. Zirconium implants are used mainly in these cases: The need to install structures in the form of a bridge. Serious contraindications to other methods of teeth restoration. Installation of prostheses. Use of implantation is necessary according to indications. It is necessary to restore one lost tooth. Restoration of a large group of teeth. At the same time the implantation procedure does not depend on the location of the lost teeth.